Goal setting is truly at the core of making progress in every area of our lives including our relationships, career, self-development, health & fitness, happiness, the list goes on…

We all have dreams and desires that we want to realise, but so often we are overwhelmed by the size of the dreams that we simply don’t know where to start.

What differentiates between a goal and a dream is taking the time to break the end result down into bite size and actionable steps that can be started right away.

Without a clear plan of how we are going to move forwards in the direction of our desire we are simply dreaming, but the minute we decide upon a deadline and steps that need to be taken the dream becomes a goal.

A huge chunk of the work I do with my clients involves goal setting. The process starts with gaining clarity on exactly what it is that the client wants to achieve, then understanding where they are right now, and from there we can agree upon a realistic time frame and steps that need to be taken to turn the goal into a reality.

In addition to agreeing upon a clear goal with well-planned action steps, it is equally important to identify the mental blockages, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns in behaviour. Until these areas are effectively addressed it is incredibly difficult to fully commit to the goal long enough to see results show.

The ways I like to address these limiting factors are through exploring the unconsciously held beliefs and seeking alternatives, using a combination of relaxation, visualisation and various NLP techniques.

Often times it is very simple to unblock our limiting beliefs surrounding our goals and create the space needed to move forwards with full focus. This is when the results really start to show.

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