You may be wondering what a Life Coach does and how working with a coach may help you? Well, from time to time we all lose connection to our values and our direction in life. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed, knowing that we want change but not being clear on how to begin.

Being uncertain of how to tackle our goals and challenges in life can cause us to procrastinate. This often leads to anxiety, stress and erodes our confidence.

To make it worse the more we procrastinate and ‘make do’ with our current situation, the more we lose faith in ourselves and in the idea of change.

I have observed this pattern in my personal experience and in many of my clients. This vicious cycle can have extremely damaging effects until it is disrupted and taken control of.

Life Coach Maidstone

How Can A Life Coach Help Me?

If you are stuck in a pattern of overwhelm, anxiety, stress or confusion then working with a Life Coach will help.

The main areas I work with clients on are:

  • Gaining clarity on where you are currently in life and working out exactly what it is that you’d like to achieve. This allows us to agree on practical and realistic goals. These include career, relationship, personal, business and health related goals.
  • Understanding what is causing you to experience anxiety and stress. Then working to find helpful and more productive responses in times of difficulty.
  • Identifying blockages and limiting beliefs that are causing you to repeat unhelpful and destructive patterns of behaviour. Enabling us to then works towards alternative outcomes.

In a nutshell Life Coaching allows us to pinpoint the problem areas in your life, to subsequently create actionable steps to make fast and lasting change.

How Do I Know You Can Help Me?

In addition to Life Coaching, I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a therapeutic approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created in the 1970s. It allows us to work with the unconscious mind and reprogramme patterns in behaviour without having to delve into the content of an issue, or indeed the clients past.

Using NLP alongside Life Coaching, combined with my decade of experience as a fitness coach, I have a unique angle of how I like to approach my client’s needs.

Ultimately the success of coaching – or any form of therapy – is greatly reliant on the trust within the client and coach’s relationship, regardless of the credentials. I strongly believe in the importance of building a healthy relationship with all of my clients and strive to make everybody feel heard and not judged.

I am a huge believer in the Buddhist saying:

‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’

I believe that choosing a coach to work with has more to do with trusting your gut and feeling a personal connection, rather than purely seeking the most qualified person you can find.

What Issues Can A Life Coach Help With?

The main issues I work with clients on are:

I work with my clients for Life Coaching in Maidstone at my home, and over video call and phone. Please use the booking system below to get started.

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