I think it’s fair to say that for all of us our lives would improve if we became more effective at managing stress.

There are two main types of stress that we face in our lives. Firstly is the type of stress that we can avoid but we have not yet distanced ourselves from, and secondly is the type of stress that we cannot avoid.

Some examples of avoidable stressors are unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling jobs and bad habits that cause ill health.

With avoidable stressors there is often an underlying reason that we keep exposing ourselves to the same situation. This reason can be any number of things including addiction, lack of confidence, an unclear direction after removing ourselves from the situation etc. Whatever the reason, it is always possible to explore the root cause and work on ourselves to enable change. The more we can distance ourselves from avoidable stressors the more mental space we can clear to allow ourselves to grow.

Some examples of unavoidable stressors include loss of loved ones, emergency expenses, unexpected work and lifestyle changes etc.

The harsh reality of life is that sometimes things that are out of our control go wrong, and one way or another we have to deal with the consequences. Though this isn’t always easy, there are positive steps that can be taken to equip us in dealing with stressful situations more effectively. Life is not always a bed of roses, and it is up to us to learn how to manage our state in the most helpful and rewarding way we can.

“Control the things you can and let go of the things you can’t.”

This is something we can all improve on. When we improve at managing stress, we allow ourselves to stay in a more positive and resourceful state, permitting us to focus on the areas of our lives that we want to.  This is where we really start to take control and begin living life on our own terms.

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